ABOUT - WONCA Europe pre-conference

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23rd-24th MAY 2018
Hotel Qubus
Nadwiślańska 6, Kraków

Reaching the venue
The Pre-Conference will take place in QUBUS Hotel
Qubus Hotel Cracow is located on the banks of the Vistula river, in Nadwiślańska Street, near the Bohaterów Getta Square. The hotel is situated in direct vicinity of the city’s historic district, Kazimierz, not far from the Main Market and the Mariacki Square. This attractive location allows for an easy access to the most important offices and institutions in the city.

How to get to our hotel?
From the airport - taking a taxi is the best solution (you can order a hotel taxi or simply take one in front of the airport). You can also take bus line no. 208 (the route ends at the railway station - Kraków Lotnisko bus stop)
From the city centre - take a taxi or tramway line no. 3 or 24 at tram stops: Poczta Główna, Basztowa, Teatr Bagatella, Dworzec Główny (tramways go around the old market square so you can get on the tram at any of those stops, as they are in approximately the same distance from the square, but Dworzec Główny and Poczta Główna are the most popular ones)
From the railway station - take a taxi or bus line no. 50 or 3 (bus stops: Dworzec Główny - 24 and 3 or Dworzec Główny Tunel - 50).
From the Old Town/Market Square - take a taxi or tram
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