WONCA Europe pre-conference

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22nd march 2018
The deadline to apply for the VdGM Fund and HOC bursaries was extended. We have 12 bursaries.

Welcome to Krakow!
We are very happy that the next WONCA Europe Pre-Conference will take place in Poland. We would like to invite you to Cracow on the 23rd and 24th May 2018.
The theme of our Pre-Conference will be "GP - more than a specialist".
Every day, in our practices, we change masks every several minutes. We approach each patient individually, putting on the mask of a cardiologist, moments later we transform into a pediatrician, to become an allergist the next moment.
On top of that, we are always confidants and friends to our patients. During our joint meeting, we will  try to answer the question: How to become a better GP? What exactly does "General Practitioner" mean?
We plan to conduct several interdisciplinary workshops and work in groups.
We are honoured to be able to host you in beautiful Cracow. We're looking forward to this event and to meeting you.

See you soon!
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